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Headshot of NJM employee Chuck.

When Chuck is coaching youth baseball players, he reminds them they should never expect to be perfect. Mistakes are inevitable, so learning how to correct them is what’s most important.

He applies that same philosophy while working as a Principal Project Manager with NJM Insurance Group.

“I love coaching sports and there are parallels between work performance and competing in sports,” Chuck said. “If you’re worried about making a mistake, you’re prone to making more.

“I’ve always felt that an effective supervisor helps their staff when problems emerge. When a mistake happens, the focus should be on why it happened and how we can fix it.”

That kind of perspective is what catapulted Chuck’s career at NJM. As an 18–year old in 2002, he accepted an entry level position with Information Technology (IT). After moving to a business analyst role, the Company recognized his strong, interpersonal skills and offered him an opportunity to work in project management.

When asked about his “people skills,” Chuck provided insight.

“I think it’s being able to sit down comfortably and connect with someone,” he said. “A big part of that is listening and taking the time to understand someone. That’s key to building relationships and earning a person’s trust and respect.“

Chuck describes many of his relationships at NJM as “family,” and he means that both figuratively and literally. He met his wife, Jenna, at NJM and they now have two young boys together. Chuck’s sister, Valerie, worked at NJM, and his other sister Vicki, works in General Claims. He also has a cousin, Amanda, and brother–in–law, Kenny, that work on the West Trenton campus.

A healthy work life balance has allowed Chuck to approach his workday with the same positive energy he brings to the baseball diamond when coaching his kids.

“This is a family place,” Chuck said. “Everyone finds a way to work together and help each other out.”

And for someone who is looking to join the family?

“Like my sister told me, get your application in,” Chuck said. “The Company offers excellent benefits and there’s a great work culture here. If you work hard and stay positive, there will be plenty of opportunities in your future.”

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