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Did you know that Personal Injury Protection (PIP) pays for your reasonable and necessary medical expenses, up to your chosen limit, if you are injured in an automobile accident? NJM’s PIP team helps guide claimants through the claims process, investigate coverage, evaluate requests for medical treatment, and process benefits available under the policy.

Bridget is a PIP supervisor who has been with NJM for 14 years. After a life change and a gap in her employment history, she came to NJM and found that she belonged.

Dawn is an IME coordinator. She joined NJM as a contractor in 2010 and became a full-time employee in 2017, joining PIP in 2019.

Lee has been a PIP adjuster at NJM for seven years and previously worked for another property casualty insurer.

They shared their experience of what it’s like to work at NJM and on the PIP team.

What kind of collaboration is required for your job?

Bridget: We are here to serve others. Depending on the claim, I may need to contact another department, a doctor’s office, an attorney, or even another insurance carrier. I work closely with my team, my supervisor, and other supervisors as issues arise to identify the proper solution.

Dawn: Internal and external collaboration is essential in my position. These joint efforts enable us to provide an excellent customer service experience and create positive relationships.

Headshot of NJM employee, Lee, with quote: “My team is always there for me when I have questions.”

Why do you like working with your team?

Dawn: We value each other, support one another, and communicate well. In addition, we empower one another to excel.

Lee: Working with my team is great. Everyone is kind and thoughtful. It always makes going into the office more enjoyable. My colleagues are like an extended family to me. I cannot say enough about how those friendships have made a positive impact on my life and career.

Headshot of NJM employee, Bridget, with quote “I am proud that my work directly impacts our customers. We truly try to make this difficult time a smooth and caring experience for them.”

What is your favorite part of your job and why?

Bridget: The people! What more can I say? We have such a diverse community here, and I have learned so much from my coworkers and even sometimes from our customers! When someone has a car accident, they usually feel awful, whether it's physically or emotionally -- sometimes both. Knowing that we can provide the best service to them during a difficult time is rewarding.

Lee: My favorite part is helping people in times of difficulty. When a claimant is injured in a car accident, it gives me a great sense of pride to provide them with a sense of ease.

Headshot of NJM employee, Dawn, with quote: “NJM has provided me the opportunity to grow as a leader by providing opportunities to get involved and be a part of new department initiatives and projects.”  

Why should someone consider joining NJM and, more specifically, PIP?

Bridget: I can say that joining NJM was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have gained friendships, a great career, and personal success. If you have to spend almost eight hours a day at work, the PIP Department is the place to be. We are like family!

Dawn: I would encourage someone looking for a purpose to grow professionally and personally to consider joining NJM PIP because of the various career opportunities.

Lee: Working in PIP gives you a sense of purpose when helping those in need. You’re part of a family that genuinely cares for one another.

NJM is fortunate to have many talented and caring people like Bridget, Dawn, and Lee, who always put our policyholders first. Our company is constantly looking for prospective employees like them. Are you one?

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