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A Day in the Life: NJM Workers’ Compensation Claims Team

Supporting Policyholders, Injured Workers, and Each Other

NJM’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Department works to provide a comprehensive and seamless approach to claims management for our business policyholders. Their goal is to ensure injured workers receive quality, cost–effective medical treatment.

Communicating with policyholders and their affected workers is essential to the job.

Reggie is a Senior Claims Account Specialist and has been with NJM for 26 years. He is responsible for processing claims, keeping policyholders informed, and ensuring their injured workers receive the support they need.

Yamille, who has been with NJM for about eight months, is a Workers’ Compensation Claims Information Services (WCCIS) supervisor who oversees the daily call center operations. Her team handles the First Notice of Loss (FNOL), which is the initial contact after a workplace accident to establish a claim and initiate medical treatment.

Melisa is a Team Lead Trainer in WCCIS with nearly nine years of experience at NJM. She trains new call center hires on how to answer FNOL calls and customer service calls from injured workers, policyholders, and providers.

We asked them to share some insights into their jobs.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Melisa: Researching documents. I love the challenge. Some people like roller coasters for a thrill. For me, it’s finding the answer.

Reggie: I often say coming to work is like finding a Rubik’s Cube on your desk each morning. You’re working to solve problems or answer questions for the policyholder, the injured worker, the petitioner’s attorney, and the medical provider and make it all fit together.

“I appreciate learning something new from those I connect with each day!” -Yamille

Why did you choose to work at NJM?

Melisa: NJM wasn’t on my radar until I moved to Hamilton, N.J., from New York. I met people who had NJM for their auto and property insurance who told me what a great company it is.

Yamille: I joined NJM based on the company’s history, mission, and vision. I saw an excellent opportunity to use my skills in a growing environment.

"My job gives me a sense of purpose and the opportunity to make a positive impact." - Reggie

What skills have you learned/acquired while at NJM?

Melisa: I’ve taken about 60 classes at NJM, including medical terminology, empathy as a leader, and active listening. They’ve all contributed to my development.

Reggie: I've developed strong communication skills and improved my problem–solving and people skills. NJM has certainly challenged me to overcome my apprehension of public speaking. The pride one can feel from just attempting to jump those hurdles is immeasurable.

Headshot of NJM employee, Melisa, with quote "My colleagues are incredibly helpful and supportive. There are days I really look forward to leaving home and coming to the office."

How do you handle stress on the job?

Yamille: I’ve learned to pause when I feel overwhelmed, look at the root cause, and carefully assess before moving forward. It requires a lot of practice and isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort.

Reggie: I try to step back, do some breathing exercises, maybe take a walk, and then work on prioritizing tasks. Sometimes, even a quick chat with a coworker over coffee can help.

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