Career Tips

A Meaningful Internship Can Shape Your Future

Two young Asian businesswomen analyzing and collaborating at the office.

Exploring career options can feel overwhelming. The type of industry, position, company size, location, and work culture are just a few factors to consider. Acquiring an internship can help provide answers that will shape your professional future.

Internships can offer experiences that can’t be obtained in a classroom or webinar. The benefits of an internship include:

Exposure to the industry and roles within the field. This can help determine your interest in an industry and how your abilities align with specific positions.

Learning about roles you do not want to pursue. Understanding the types of positions that don’t suit your interest (or skill set) is valuable for future job searches.

Working in a professional environment. You will learn professional etiquette and develop an understanding of the type of work culture that matches your personality — Clan (social, friendly), Adhocracy (entrepreneurial), Market (results oriented), or Hierarchy (structured and process oriented).

Building professional relationships and networking. Working with colleagues and external partnerships will grow your resource center for guidance and job leads.

Start strong on your resume. Internships can help build your professional skill set and make you a stronger candidate when applying for positions. Job recruiters embrace applicants who have practical experience in a professional setting.

How do you find great internship opportunities? Listed are a few suggestions.

  • University career centers

  • Job posting sites

  • Company websites

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and utilize the job search feature

  • Talk to your professors who may have relationships with recruiters

  • Reach out to family and friends who are employed in fields of interest

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