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Internships provide an excellent opportunity to learn new skillsets, add experience to your budding resume, and develop and maintain relationships that could help you once you leave college.

NJM is committed to offering its interns the ability to complete meaningful work in the departments that they are supporting. We offer a collaborative environment where they can contribute, learn, and grow. One of the highlights of our program is working on a group project with other interns on a real-time business issue. During their last week with us, the interns have the opportunity to present their solutions to the leadership team, department heads, and mentors. Almost all the solutions are put into effect.

However, equally important is that every NJM contact becomes a potential member of your network who could assist you when you look for a full-time job. Always remember to connect with them on LinkedIn so that you can continue this professional relationship over time.

Building those meaningful relationships often requires you, as an intern, to make the first move.

  • Initiate conversations — you can do this before or after meetings or suggesting having lunch with new contacts to become better acquainted.

  • Develop active listening — show a genuine interest in what a colleague is saying and demonstrate it by asking questions.

  • Appreciate co-workers — it could be as simple as saying “nice job” or sending a brief email commenting on a presentation or idea during a meeting.

  • Project a positive attitude — people are naturally drawn to positive people and can achieve this through active listening and being appreciative of others.

  • Keep in contact — staying in touch not only keeps your network active but will keep you in mind with others for any future job opportunities.

Tanner Maybury applied many of these approaches during her internship as a law clerk in NJM’s Workers Compensation Legal Department.

“Working as an intern allows you to meet mentors in a natural setting and build a relationship with them that will help navigate your career path,” she said. “I believe NJM’s internship program is tailored to provide the interns with just that, as well as meaningful lessons that can be applied academically and in their careers.”

After her internship, Tanner was fortunate to work part time at NJM while finishing her final year of law school. Her advice to other interns on developing and maintaining work relationships?

“I believe finding a mentor is critical during an internship,” Tanner said. “Specifically, a mentor whom you can communicate with and who can assist you in navigating your career path. I recommend staying in touch via LinkedIn and exchanging emails/phone numbers. Even if it is to check in once every six months, to catch up, or ask advice, there is always someone you encountered during your internship at NJM who will be there for you.”

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