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It Takes a Village to Achieve Great Things

Outdoor headshot of NJM employee, Jose.

A strong support system is critical to personal and professional success. At NJM, Jose benefits from the aid of teammates who have his best interests at heart. His colleagues are also among the supporters of his charitable work outside of the office.

At NJM, Jose is a Vendor Management Coordinator in General Claims. At home, he is a freelance photographer and philanthropic organizer.

“I’ve been a freelance photographer for about ten years,” Jose says. “I travel the country to take pictures at festivals, engagements, weddings, and birthdays. I find it very rewarding to share special memories that I’ve captured with people.”

Photography has also allowed Jose to do philanthropic work in memory of his late mother. In 2019, he created an annual charity event to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research. With the support of Jose’s family, friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers, the event has raised more than $127,000 to support Melesa’s Wings since its founding!

Jose’s work at NJM also provides professional fulfillment. As a Vendor Management Coordinator, Jose works with the systems for managing and communicating with all the businesses that provide services to NJM and its policyholders. Jose helps maintain positive relationships with vendors and ensure that service providers like repair shops, rental companies, and tow yards are paid the correct amount.

Recently, Jose and his team created a dashboard to monitor vendor relationships. The dashboard allows him to catch issues early, track payments, and review relevant data during contract renewals. Jose’s work supports policyholders through one of the most crucial functions of an insurance company: paying claims.

“My manager had a vision of improving our vendor processes, and it has been my goal to bring that to life,” Jose says. “With the help of my colleagues, we created this application. It’s already proving to be a valuable tool in the collection of data and helping us work more efficiently.”

Jose collaborates with his coworkers and the company’s vendors to ensure that NJM fulfills its promise of supporting its policyholders. Working with different groups inside and outside the company helps him to improve his communication and listening skills and opens the door to new ideas, critical thinking, and a stronger team.

“In my short tenure at NJM, I can appreciate the respect and camaraderie I have seen among colleagues, and I look forward to continuing to build more positive working relationships.”

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