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Lauren Tells Her Career Journey

From Undecided Undergrad to Marketing Manager

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When Lauren Vescio first set foot on the Galloway, NJ, campus of Stockton University, she knew it was the right place for her. She hadn’t yet decided on her major, but the attractive campus, small classes, and student energy assured her that it was “home.”

At Stockton, Lauren experienced different opportunities, including classes, internships, and guest lectures, where she learned skills that would prove crucial to achieving her ambitions, including:

  • Public speaking

  • Networking

  • Communicating in a business setting

These skills are the key to Lauren’s strategy for being successful and getting ahead in the workplace.

Lauren would go on to major in Communications and Business Studies, with a concentration in Marketing. She graduated with her BA and BS in 2006, and then achieved her Masters in Corporate and Organizational Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2008. Her career grew rapidly. Within the first five years out of school, Lauren became a director of client services at a PR/Communications firm in Florham Park, NJ. She then served as a senior marketing manager at Plymouth Rock Assurance for six years.

In 2019, Lauren joined NJM Insurance Group, where she found a welcoming culture that brought back good memories of her time at Stockton. Today, Lauren is a Marketing Manager, leading a team of specialists, spreading the word about NJM’s business insurance products, and coordinating agent relationships, events, and commercial lines social media activity.

“NJM’s culture is truly collaborative,” Lauren said. “Everyone you work with is friendly and skilled, and willing to help you achieve your goal. The company is organized in a way that makes it easy to meet people from different departments, learn from their experience, and grow in your industry knowledge.”

Embracing Lifelong Learning in Your Career

Lauren is an ambitious person. She places great value in personal and professional growth. Her appreciation of lifelong learning has followed her throughout her college and professional careers. Today, she learns through mentorship, networking, and advanced education through her job.

She places a lot of stock in the benefits of mentorship. “NJM helps employees find mentors in other departments, work with them and learn from them,” she said. “The tenure of NJM employees is much higher than average. Having the means to network and collaborate with more experienced professionals helps us all to expand our knowledge and learn through osmosis.”

In addition to this, Lauren takes advantage of NJM’s formal professional development options. Last year, she got a certificate from Wharton Business School in digital marketing, with the help of NJM’s Tuition Assistance Plan.

Lauren also serves on the board of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce. There, she pursues her passion of supporting small businesses and meeting local entrepreneurs. She values the networking opportunities, and she cherishes her ability to recognize business leaders for their contributions to the community.

Lauren’s Advice for Stockton Grads

When asked whether she had any advice for graduates on the job search, Lauren praised the options available in the insurance industry. “Open yourself up to the thought of growing your skills at an insurance company. There are so many different professions represented in this industry. For example, at NJM, we have professionals with backgrounds in business, law enforcement, math, and the arts, to name just a few. In terms of marketing, there are lots of opportunities, because insurance companies have a big advertising presence.”

She also recommended:

  • Always present yourself in a way that people will enjoy working with you. You never know who your next boss will be!

  • Know how to act in the heat of the moment. If you get frustrated or stressed, take yourself out of the situation and return to it later, when you have a clear head.

  • Dress for the job that you want. Appearance matters!

  • Don’t fear failure. We all tend to get scared of taking chances and trying something new. But trying and failing is the only way you’ll grow as a professional.

  • Pick a goal and choose the opportunities that will get you there! Challenge yourself in ways that will teach you the skills you’ll need for your future career.

“As Stockton alum, we all had the benefit of attending a school that provided a lot of opportunities and flexibility in our education. I’ve been lucky enough to expand on those opportunities in my career. Keep looking for those chances to learn and grow.

“Also — Go Ospreys!”

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