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Set for Success: NJM Customer Service Representatives

Looking for a challenge? NJM Customer Service Representatives have high expectations — and strong supports — to learn and excel at their job. Their onboarding training includes:

  • Two days of orientation

  • Nine days of pre-licensing class prior to taking the state insurance licensing exam

  • Six weeks of classroom training: “Introduction to Automobile Insurance”

  • Eight weeks of on-the-job training

  • Continuing support in the form of e-Manuals, peer aids, supervisor touchpoints, and more

  • Options for job shadowing, mentorship, and professional development

Meet two Personal Lines employees to hear about their experience working for NJM Insurance Group.

 Headshot of NJM employee, Kathleen, with name.

Headshot of NJM employee, Maria, with name.

What made you choose to join NJM?

Kathleen: I was looking for a job that had a more regular schedule than my last employer, a grocery chain. I had some prior experience working for an insurance company, and I found it very appealing how important customer service is to NJM. The company cares about its external customers — but also, it really cares about us as internal customers.

Maria: I was starting to think about where I wanted to plant roots for the rest of my career. In my prior jobs, which I loved for different reasons, I still took home the stress, either physically or emotionally. Of course, every job has its stress, but at NJM, you don’t leave here feeling the weight of it. NJM offered a sense of belonging and potential paths for growth. I can honestly say that I want to come in to work every morning looking forward to the day.

New Customer Service Representatives have just nine days of classes before they take the state exam. What was that training like? Did you feel confident going into your licensing exam?

Kathleen: The hiring process was already a very thorough and daunting one, so I already felt like the company had chosen me to do this job. I had to give myself that credit. Plus, the trainers worked hard — they wanted us to succeed! And we all worked together to ensure everyone could succeed.Candid photo of NJM employee, Kathleen, working at her desk in the office.

The trainers used flip charts, team study games, and whatever strategies they needed to help us absorb the information. We had an hour at the end of the day to review the topics on our own. They have a high pass rate, but they also let us know that if you don’t pass, they won’t give up on you. Tutors and supplemental materials would be available for your second attempt.

Maria: When I was hired, I hadn’t been in a classroom or had to learn that much information all at once in so many years. I put my trust in what the trainers were saying about their success rate. It turned out that I was so well–prepared for the exam that, when there was a hiccup getting me seated at the testing center, the stress didn’t affect my performance much at all. I was still able to pass the test.

Training doesn’t end after you get your license. What have been the most useful tools to support you in your job as you were learning the ropes?

Kathleen: No one expects you to learn the textbook, and that’s not the point of the classes. There are tons of other supports to bring you up to speed and keep you sharp as you do the job. Some of the most useful tools were:

  • The Best Practice Library: Recordings of senior representatives taking calls, including a video recording of their computer screen as they respond to the policyholder’s needs. It was useful to listen to how other people conducted calls, outside of the simulated calls and our first experiences on the phones.

  • The e-Manual: We get e-learning time built into our schedules to review the manual, reinforce our knowledge, and see what processes might have changed since we first learned them. The e-Manual is amazing.

  • Job shadowing: We observed senior representatives doing their job, and we were able to absorb details about their flow. They invited us to ask questions, and then they observed us on the job and offered suggestions to streamline the process and make the job easier.

NJM treats us as one of the legs on a “three-legged stool”: they care about me as an employee, and that helps me to do my best job. In turn, that benefits the customer and the company as a whole.

Maria: I agree with all those points. Some tools that were useful to me, in particular, were:

  • Simulations of our online systems: I ran through a simulation that enrolls customers in Automatic Payments several times, and I felt so much more confident when I got my first call from a policyholder asking for help in how to do that.

  • Job aids: Quick reference sheets with specific processes and requirements. I refer to these resources all the time.

  • Job shadowing was super helpful! Using the expertise of senior reps really helped me to refine my own process.

How do you feel about on-the-job support now, as you approach the first anniversary of your start date?

Kathleen: Everyone helps and cares about each other. “Good morning,” “How’s it going?”, “Do you need anything?”, and “Do you have any questions?” are common refrains. I have a colleague who always takes my “pop my head over the wall” questions. Everyone is ready to do anything we can to help our customers the best we can. The underwriters especially!

Maria: My teammates are so helpful without ever having any judgment about my questions. One teammate acknowledged, “You’re not an encyclopedia,” early on, and that thought helps me to improve my own patience and stress levels. I love my team, and the underwriting staff is very helpful, too.

Candid photo of NJM employee, Maria, working at her desk in the office.

What does a day in the life of an NJM Customer Service Representative look like?

Kathleen: I was surprised to learn that no day is the same. Everyone who calls in is an individual with their own story, so every call is different. Sometimes people get frustrated, but you just have to be patient and help to bridge the gap in understanding. We’re there to ensure that they’re insured correctly and protected.

Candid photo of NJM employee, Kathleen, enjoying a coffee in the office. 

Maria: There’s definitely an ebb and flow to the job. Mondays are busy! I enjoy the challenge and the different kinds of interactions that I have throughout the day. As a homeowner, I’m especially interested in the complexities of property insurance and helping people with that.

Candid photo of NJM employee, Maria, enjoying a coffee in the office. 

Does your team do any fun activities that help you bond?

Kathleen: Small things can make you feel valued. Our supervisors came around with free Italian ice one day. For Thanksgiving, they set up a table with hot cider, apple cider donuts, and other treats. They’re small ways of saying thank you, you’re appreciated. And of course, the company shows that, too, with the free oatmeal, soup, coffee, and tea.

Maria: I was hired as the last class in a fully virtual training session. Our team is still building back up to the in-person bonding experiences. We have regular team meetings, and for the holidays there was food and a nice gathering. It’s not every company where you can work and say that you love your team, that you really enjoy your coworkers. NJM hires great people, and being around them makes the day great, too.

Thank you, Kathleen and Maria for sharing your experience as NJM Customer Service Representatives!

NJM is seeking talented, friendly customer service orientated professionals to become Licensed Account Representatives in our nationally recognized contact centers in Hammonton, Parsippany, and Trenton. As part of your NJM experience, you will receive top-quality paid training to prepare you for this position in personal lines insurance. Interested in joining the NJM family? Apply today!

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