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Showcase Your Emotional Intelligence in Job Interviews

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Before your next job interview, have you thought about assessing your emotional intelligence (EQ)? Recent trends in hiring suggest this is something you should add to your preparation checklist.

Measuring EQ has become an important component during interviews. Companies are placing more value on recruiting professionals that have strong interpersonal skills, who can help create a positive work environment.

So what does this mean if you’re interviewing for a new position? Anticipate and prepare for questions that will examine your EQ. For example, an employer may ask you to cite a recent challenge or conflict in the workplace and how you handled the situation. Indicators of an employee who possesses a strong EQ include:

  • Sense of self-awareness

  • A focus on solutions

  • Maintains composure in stressful situations

  • Listens to other thoughts and opinions

  • Displays empathy

  • Open-minded and adaptable

You can also make a positive EQ impression through your questions. Inquire about the work culture, the company mission and values, or a recent conflict and how it was resolved. Asking questions related to EQ affirms that you understand it is an asset in the workplace and showcases it is important to you.

Developing a strong EQ isn’t just about getting your foot in the door. It can be more important than your IQ to achieving career success.

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