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Stability and Solidarity

Headshot of NJM employee, Tracy Trinian, in NJM courtyard.

Tracy accepted a part–time position at NJM Insurance Group in 1989. She was a Pennsbury High School student looking for work experience at a reputable company.

More than 34 years later, the Company’s outstanding reputation as a regional insurer has remained intact. As for Tracy’s employment status at NJM — also intact.

“It’s about the people. The connections you make with people are why I’ve been happy here my entire career,” Tracy said. “When you combine that with the opportunities for growth and advancement, it’s a great place to work.”

Breaking In

Tracy started as a clerk in the Workers’ Compensation Claims Department. Her ambitious approach to work enabled her to swiftly advance to roles of greater responsibility, including serving as a liaison between software vendors and the IT Department to help test and troubleshoot programming initiatives. Tracy now oversees Administrative Services, which manages a large contingent of internal and external services at NJM.

“I have always loved the challenge of trying to ‘break things’ through testing, making sure programs are working as expected,” Tracy said. “The liaison role I served in IT allowed me to search for flaws in new software and the help with solutions. There’s satisfaction in helping to make someone’s job easier or finding more efficient ways to operate.”

Changes at NJM

Change can be a good thing, and there have been many changes at NJM during Tracy’s tenure. From an operational standpoint, continuous upgrades in technology have led to more efficient processes — benefitting employees and policyholders. The Company also shifted to more casual work attire and hybrid schedules for eligible employees.

There is no change in sight for two staples at NJM, however, and Tracy is 100 percent supportive.

“Free soup! It dates all the way back to the depression,” Tracy said. “But on a more serious note, our focus has always been about the policyholders. There’s a sense of pride here about the customer service we provide.”

Workplace Wellness

Tracy has made the most of NJM’s health awareness and fitness opportunities. The Wellness Center is staffed by registered nurses and offers medical services Monday through Friday. They also provide screenings, vaccinations, wellness recipes, and assist with lab tests.

Twice a year, employees can engage in a friendly competition hosted by Virgin Pulse — an online platform NJM provides to encourage healthier living. It’s a “Steps Challenge” and employees can form teams of up to five colleagues. The contest tracks the total number of team steps with a maximum of 30,000 steps per day per team member. The competition lasts a few weeks and participants can also earn points for prizes.

“It’s a great way to get exercise and enjoy camaraderie,” Tracy said. “It’s a friendly competition, but people really get into it. I would sometimes walk five miles and hit 15,000 steps before arriving at work.”

Any advice for candidates who may want to work at NJM?

“If you show initiative and take control of what you’re striving toward, opportunities are always available at NJM,” Tracy said. “And the benefits are terrific. When I was offered a full–time position, I told my dad that the Company matches up to 8% on your 401k payments. He looked up and said, ‘Take the job.’”

Tracy took it and has never looked back.

Fun Fact: Tracy is one of more than 1,300 members of the “25–Year Club,” comprising current and former employees who have at least 25 years’ service at NJM.

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