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Taking the Long View on Employee Development

Headshot of NJM employee Mory posing in West Trenton atrium.

Investing in your career is often about the long view. Invest today to reap the benefits later.

Mory is an example. She joined NJM in 1997 as a data entry operator. It was her first full-time job.

“I was drawn to NJM because the company held, and still holds, a reputation as a stable employer,” she said. “I was a young mother, so finding employment close to home and my daughter’s school was important then.”

NJM began investing in and developing Mory in 2000 when it offered training for COBOL (computer language) programs to support the Company’s mainframe systems. The opportunity was not lost on her.

“It was a big deal for an employer to offer me a chance like that because I was being trained for a job in which I had no experience,” she said. “I was working side-by-side with coworkers with college degrees — which I didn’t have,” she said. “It was a sign of a good employer willing to provide growth opportunities and invest in me.”

In the next 23 years, Mory handled various roles within the IT Department, learning many different technologies and supporting various departments. Two years ago, she transferred to NJM’s Project Management Office as a Project Coordinator as part of a new NJM rotational program for employees to learn project management. This month, she’s assuming a new position — Project Manager.

“Each role was new to me,” said Mory, reflecting on her career. “I couldn’t have done it without the support from my supervisors and coworkers, and I wouldn’t have been as successful at my job without the training and development. I have never stopped learning, and I have never stopped seeking training and development.”

Mory embraced change and has always been willing to learn. Her advice to others is to accept and welcome change.

“Change will come, and it can be scary,” she said. “However, looking for opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in different areas makes change seem less intimidating. Staying informed causes less anxiety and empowers us to accept and make changes."

“See what is being offered, ask about opportunities within the department and company, suggest a training topic if it isn’t available, and advocate for yourself and others,” she added. “When we find satisfaction in our jobs through training and development, it benefits us, our coworkers, and the company.”

NJM offers careers in sales, marketing, finance, IT, actuary science, and more! The Company provides outstanding benefits and access to wellness programs. It also encourages employees to pursue continuous learning opportunities and to give back to the communities it serves through year-round employee volunteer efforts at local nonprofits.

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