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Headshot of NJM employee, Melissa, in NJM lobby next to holiday tree.

There are plenty of reasons why Melissa loves her job and enjoys coming into work every day at NJM Insurance Group. But one feature stands above the rest.

“The best thing I can say as an NJM employee is that the Company gives you opportunities,” Melissa said. “NJM gave me a chance and has continued to present me with new challenges throughout my career.”

Opportunity knocked for Melissa nearly 25 years ago. She was hired by NJM as a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) representative in General Claims. Faced with a small mishap her first day on the job, she brushed past it and has never looked back.

“I spilled hot chocolate on my pants with my new NJM cup,” Melissa recalled. “I wiped it off, laughed a little, and went about my day. I was a stay-at-home mom for nine years before arriving at NJM, so I wasn’t going to let a little spill bother me.”

An FNOL representative is the first person a policyholder speaks with when they contact us to submit a claim. The claim could be for auto damage, injuries to a neighbor, or destruction from a house fire. Melissa quickly learned that an empathetic voice to a caller can serve as a first step to their recovery.

“They are in distress when they call,” Melissa said. “They want guidance and assurance about the process, but they also want to feel compassion and understanding. I’m a person who likes to help and I’ve always been able to maintain a sense of calm through chaos, so the position was a good match for me.”

NJM continued offering opportunities and Melissa became a trainer and supervisor in FNOL. She later worked on a critical technology project to restructure the FNOL system and process, along with several technology enhancement projects. Today, she’s a Business Process Administrator in workers’ compensation.

Melissa is also a brand ambassador at NJM. Ambassadors attend NJM-sponsored events, such as a 76ers game or the Philly Auto Show. They talk with prospective policyholders about NJM insurance and explain why the company is nationally recognized for customer satisfaction.

“I believe in this company because I know we do the right thing,” she said. “I know our primary focus is customer service, so it’s very easy for me to advocate for the company.”

Outside of NJM, Melissa spends a lot of her time outdoors. Skiing, playing softball, and annual trips to Disney World are her favorite hobbies and interests. She also enjoys spending time with her four children.

“NJM has been doing more to foster growth within the company,” Melissa said. “If you’re ambitious, the company provides opportunities to develop and advance.”

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